Collaborating with my team, we devised a comprehensive campaign and visual identity for the Alliance for a Safer Nightlife. Our focal point was the deployment of mirrored foil posters strategically positioned in nightlife hotspots, designed to stir introspection and catalyze cultural change. Featuring poignant handwritten testimonials of discrimination experiences, these posters urged viewers to take action and make a difference. In addition, we produced stickers and restroom mirror films to broaden the campaign's impact. Complemented by a dynamic Instagram presence and an informative website offering guidance, our project aimed to shine a spotlight on nightlife discrimination and empower users to play an active role in fostering a safer, more inclusive environment.
Alliance for et tryggere natteliv
Branding campaign/identity
School project
Collaborators: Maja Kylling, Laura Sofie Meier Rosendal, Ida-Marie Gry Beder