As part of a group project, I designed a new logo a new logo and app design for Bogforum, Denmark's top literary event. Our logo is a alteration on the Albra typeface, with the "B" resembling a bookmark, symbolizing Bogforum as a literary gateway. 
     We chose neutral colors with a pop of bold orange for contrast.
Shifting focus to the app design, our approach centered on capturing the essence of a book. The minimalist design aimed to evoke the tactile experience of flipping through pages, fostering a sense of immersion and familiarity for users.
    By refraining from flashy graphics and using a clean, uncluttered layout, we aimed to cultivate a seamless user experience.
Logodesign and app design
School project
Collaborators: Katrín María Magnúsdóttir,  Nicholas Søjnæs,  Kristina Komarova