As part of a book design course led by my instructor, Nethe Ellinge, I was tasked with creating a conceptual design for the book Shaping a Pattern, published in collaboration with Trapholt and Gyldendal. This book, serves both as a catalog for the Trapholt exhibition and as documentation of the seven-year process behind Maria Torp's 12 portraits.
    My solution transforms the title Shaping a Pattern into a central design theme throughout the book. I utilized typographic decomposition and text breaking into various patterns to emphasize the concepts of "shaping" and "pattern." This approach creates visual dynamism and supports the book's theme of portraiture as an activist and enlightening format.
    Each chapter dedicated to a portrait follows a consistent structure with varied layouts, presenting photos, sketches, and notes from the process, along with the 12 main artworks. This design ensures the book not only informs and documents but also engages the reader visually and intellectually, providing a cohesive narrative of Maria Torp's art project.
Shaping a Pattern
Book design
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